Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel

Hey lovelies!

It feels like FOREVER since my last blog entry and I truly do apologise for neglecting. Work has literally taken over my life recently but I am now here and back and with only a week to go until Christmas... WOOHOO!

It is with a heavy heart to announce that I have sadly removed my acrylics (everyone that knows me will know that I haven't been without fake nails since 2010) and my nails are truly in need of some serious TLC. They hurt, are so short, flaky, weak and just... lifeless! My sister has really got into nail care recently and recommended me this bad boy, Rejuvacoat. Apparently it's meant to be magic for your nails and if my sisters nails are anything to go by, it should defo work! Ill update you on my progress with it.

As I really just wanted my nails to look pretty as well as healthy, I got to try this new nail enamel range by Revlon called Brilliant Strength (launching in January 2013) It's practically all your nail care and colour in one bottle. It contains top and base coat in the formula, along with key nail care ingredients such as Pearl Extract for moisturisation, Cameilla Oil to condition and strengthen and Rice Bran Oil with Vitamin E to protect the nails. 

The bottles are totally different to Revlons signature black top and look so pretty! I picked up this colour, Allure, as it was the closest shade I could get to nude without looking too washed out.

The application is great (as with all Revlon polishes) the brush is nice, thick and wide so it really covers all of my short nails.

It's priced £7.99 and will be available at all Boots stores nationwide and Boots Online. My opinion? I'm absolutely in love. Anything which can give me great colour, nail care and a top and base coat in one formula is an absolutely win in my books. Hopefully my nails will be back to good health in no time!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's in my make-up bag?

Happy December beauty babes! 

As we come into the last month of the year, I thought it would be appropriate to do a 'what's in my make-up bag' post in preparation for a Christmas make-up overhaul - yay!

So, what am I currently using and what do I think of the products that I use in my daily make-up regime? Lets take a look...

This is a product that I absolutely LOVE using but absolutely HATE buying. Why? Look at the price! I have a love/hate relationship with Benefit, I think their products are great but seriously overpriced.

I always use this product on a night out. It gives a great sheer, illumination on my cheeks and has a great consistency.


2. Dior Lipstick in Casual Beige / £23

This lipstick is one of my favourite day time lips. It has a smooth feeling on my lips and gives a nice, even nude colour that looks really natural. Personally, I dont normally like nude coloured lipsticks but this one is a perfect shade. As well as providing colour, it also gives a great glossy finish. 

The only bad thing about this product is that it definitely needs to be reapplied a fair few times through out the day for good coverage and shine.


Anyone who knows me knows that my signature eye make-up look is a cats eye shape on the eyes - I love a good swish! This eye pen is great, it feels like an actual pen when using it and gives amazing, solid colour on my lids. It doesn't budge either! Just what I love.


Literally the best mascara er... EVER?! After the first use I have to admit I wasn't completely won over. However, after using it for the past couple of weeks I'm absolutely in love with it! Easy to apply, love the brush and doesn't come out clompy - hurrah!


You guys probably don't need an introduction to MAC brushes - they are the best, end of!


As well as loving a good liquid eyeliner, I love a good kohl pencil. Ever since I've been able to use make-up I've always used this Rimmel one - defo does the job and the price is right too!


This is my favourite blusher. Although I'm a little bit paler than I was a couple of months ago and it may look a tiny bit too bright for me, I still love it. It's a bright red/hot pink with a touch of shimmer. For the winter I apply a small amount to the cheek for a healthy, rosy glow.


After using the Revlon PhotoReady mascara for my base, I touch over my lashes with this bad boy. I LOVE the brush on it and it works on my bottom lashes better than any other mascara.


Possibly the best concealer I've ever tried. Literally matches my skin perfectly, keeps blemishes covered all day and is a lovely creamy texture which doesn't make my skin look dry. It also has a cute, brush like texture at the top - what more could a girl ask for from a concealer?!


I've only just started using this and its a really fun product. I like the fact there are two parts to it - the felt tip pen and the balm. First you apply the colour (the pen) then the balm over the top and... voila! The pink looks really bright but actually comes out a very natural colour. 

Although fun and cool to use, to get at least some colour on your lips you need to go over with the pen a fair few times which is a little bit annoying.


11. Topshop Loose Powder Blush in Sunsweep

Although this is great blush, I've actually stopped using it as its given me a few spots in my cheek area. Sad times as I actually love using this blush! The thing I like about it is that its a little more glittery than other normal blushes that I've used. I also LOVE the applicator! Its so cute! 

Be careful though, one heavy dab and you may find your whole face (and top) covered in glitter blush.


Again, this is another product I love but HATE to buy. Although its probably the best primer I've ever used and actually does what it says on the tin, I just cannot get over the price tag for such a small bottle. Meh, the price of beauty ey? 

13. Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 025 Sun Glow / £5.59

This is the first ever bronzer that I've used and I've never changed! Really love the shade and the size of the product. Always lasts me for what seems like forever and never cracks! Price point is great too.


Really hope you enjoyed - let me know your thoughts! 

Have you tried any of the products I'm using?