Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Skin & Haircare Favs

Having just started my blog, I decided to include a monthly favs post to show you guys what Im using at the moment and what I'm loving each month. 

1. Tangle Teezer / £12.25

As my hairs quite damaged and fine at the moment from colouring OVERKILL I've been trying EVERYTHING to try and make it grow and get its condition back. My friend recommended Tangle Teezer to me and it literally has made such a difference. Who knew that a good comb/brush can honestly help stop split ends and breakage eh?

I've been using this product for about a month now and can really tell a difference in my hair. It feels a lot smoother and cleaner after being washed. I really love the spray as it gives great coverage and has a lovely texture making hair feel silky smooth and extremely healthy after blow drying.

I went to the hairdressers the other day and asked them what will help my hair grow and help its condition. They recommended Kerastase shampoo by L'Oreal, which I'd personally never heard of and as I'm desperate just really didn't care about the price!

I've only used it once and it has literally made my hair feel the softest it has in a ages. The shampoo claims to condition and improve the scalp which the hairdresser told me is the most important thing to concentrate on when growing hair. I usually struggle with good shampoos and find that a lot of them dont even wash my hair properly but this was truly amazing after the first wash and hopefully will make a difference and promote hair growth in the long run (I'll keep you posted)

I love Aussie products and have been using this for a while. I think its by far the best leave in conditioner and without fail, always makes my hair feel healthy, extremely shiny and conditioned properly - the price is right too!

Can't really say much about this product apart from that its my favourite wash out conditioner. I love the smell, love the texture and it never lets me down! Most thorough conditioner I've used and actually really does what it says and conditions hair, unlike some other products! 

This has to be my absolute FAV at the moment. I swear by Origins (as does all the women in my family) and this has to be the best cleanser I've ever used and that is a BIG statement! It literally does what it says on the tin - brightens up my skin. After every single wash my skin instantly looks so much brighter and feels incredibly smooth and clean. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry at all and it really gets rid of blemishes in one wash. HIGHLY recommend! 

I've never used Dr.Jart+ skincare and got given this serum to try out. Its AMAZING. The serum is not heavy at all and my skin immediately absorbs it, without feeling sticky or like I've even applied anything on. I'm usually not a fan of serums but I will defo continue to use this, its helped me skin to look and now even feel better. 

My second favourite product at the moment. It feels just water but with gel like finish (if that makes sense!) I describe it as a drink for my skin. The texture is great and feels like a gel minus the sticky feeling. It instantly sinks into skin, making it feel like nothing has even been applied. As my skins not been great Ive been using this in replacement to moisturiser and its absolutely works a treat. It hydrates and brightens skin with just a few drops and has definitely made an improvement. Its filled with amazing, natural vitamins and I can say from experience defo improves the quality of skin if you struggle from spots. Because of this product, I now officially call myself a 'Dr.Jarter' and consider it one of the best skincare ranges I have ever tried.

Have you tried any of my November favs? Let me know! 


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    1. Aren't they just the BEST! Thanks so much for your comments - really appreciate the support. Dont be a stranger! xx

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    1. Hi love! Thanks so much for your comment I absolutely LOVE tangle teezers! Really happy you agree.

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