Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades: Way-To-Glow

Apart from blushers and bronzers, my favourite make-up product has to be highlighters and illuminators, I absolutely LOVE them. As outlined in my 'Whats in my make-up bag?' post, I use Benefit Girl Meets Pearl for a gold/pearl finish on my cheeks. 

In the search for a new highlighter, I was recommended Collection 2000 by a friend who said, and I quote, it was the best highlighter she had ever used, and for £4.19 I was not about to complain! 

This shade, Way-To-Glow, of Collection 2000's Shimmer Shades compromises of 4 shimmery shades that work as a highlighter and blush quad allowing you to highlight and contour. 

My favourite shades of the palette are 1 and 3 which do make a great duo when using for highlighting and contouring. For this look, apply shade 1 on the cheek bones and then 3 on the apples of the cheeks, swiping diagonally towards the mouth - think Kim Kardashian. 

Although it takes a good few swipes to get a decent amount of coverage on your brush, let alone your face, I do quite like this palette and do use it quite regularly as a quick daily fix for work etc. However as I don't feel the coverage is that great and doesn't last the whole day, I think I'll stick to my Benefit Girl Meets Pearl for a night out.  

Have you tried Collection 200 makeup? 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser

I don't know what it is but ever since I've been working in Central London my skin has suddenly become increasingly more oily - SO annoying as we all know oily skin usually means spots... and I never usually get spots at all. EVER.

I've always used Origins Make a Difference which has always worked wonders for my skin, but as its become more greasy I've had to find something that won't make my face break out or look like I've just dipped my head in a bowl of oil. So for Christmas I was lucky enough to have been given Origins Zero Oil and honestly... its amazing.

Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser 50ml - £23
This non-sticky cream soaks right into my skin, leaving my face feeling hydrated, fresh and baby soft without any signs of excess. What I like about it most is that it doesn't even feel like I've put cream on at all, my skin feels exactly the same as before it was applied. The best thing about it is that since I've been using it, I have noticed a massive difference to my skin - less break outs and my skin is clearing up. Hurrah!

If you're having trouble with oily skin, I would seriously recommend this beauty. At £23 it isn't cheap, however I believe its a good investment and will definitely work if you're experiencing the same problem with oily skin as I am. 

Have you tried the Zero Oil? What other products would you recommend for oily skin? 

New Year... New Camera!

Happy New Year all! 

Sorry I am SO late with posting this year, work has completely deaded me out since Ive been back from Christmas break. 

So I'm sooooooo happy to announce that I finally got a new CANON 650D CAMERA!! I am SO SO SO excited, its absolutely incredible and the whole reason I wanted it was for this blog. 

The features are amazing and I haven't stopped snapping since I got it! 

Talking of which as well as getting my new camera, me and my boyfriend welcomed a new member to our family... KAZ

He's a Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier cross and the most beautiful, loving puppy EVER. He will probably be making a few more appearances on my blog so I though it be best to introduce him now. Isn't he cute?