Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Winter Skin Saviour

Although I've been suffering with relatively oily skin, this dry, freezing weather is now making my skin look rather dry and lifeless. GREAT another skin problem! 

As I'm having to deal with being dry and oily at different times, I wanted to get something for my skin that was just going to instantly boost hydration and soak right in, without feeling and looking oily. Impossible I hear you say? WRONG. Say hello to Hydraluron by Indeed Labs. Possibly one of the best winter skin saviours on the planet? 

Hydraluron 30ml / RRP £24.99 / Boots
From the creators of the amazing Nanoblur comes Hydraluron. This little tube of amazing-ness is a moisture boosting serum containing the world's purest Hyaluronic Acid which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water - that's a lot! 

Hydraluron 30ml / RRP £24.99 / Boots
This jelly-like substance squeezes out into a small ball of gel - almost like a drop of water which doesn't break. This amount demonstrated in the picture is all you need for your whole face.

The substance feels AMAZING on the skin. I'm usually not a fan of gels, but this doesn't feel like your typical gel. It covers the whole of your face perfectly and instantly soaks in, without feeling like you've applied anything at all. These kind of products are my favourite - I love feeling like I've put nothing on! 

After using this for the last week and a half, AM and PM, I can definitely notice the difference in my skins hydration. My skin feels smooth, looks healthy and there are no signs of patchiness or dryness at all. One thing I love also, is that you use it right under your moisturiser and as mentioned in a previous post, I'm currently using Origins Zero Oil which also feels like I've put nothing on as it soaks right too, RESULT!

If your suffering from dry skin, I would seriously SERIOUSLY think about purchasing yourself a little bottle of this stuff. Priced at just £24.99 it really is a complete bargain for what it is and does. 

Have you tired Hydraluron?

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